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What is an SFP optical module?

What is an SFP optical module?

The optical module is composed of optoelectronic devices, functional circuits and optical interfaces. The optoelectronic device includes two parts: transmitting and receiving. Optical modules are mainly used in optical communication, data centers and other places. So, what exactly is an optical module? What is the use of the optical module? Next, let’s follow the editor of Feichang Technology to learn more about it!

Simply put, the function of the optical module is photoelectric conversion. The transmitting end converts the electrical signal into an optical signal, and after transmission through the optical fiber, the receiving end converts the optical signal into an electrical signal.

In addition, optical modules can be classified according to packaging and can be divided into:

  1. The XFP optical module is a hot-swappable, communication protocol-independent optical transceiver for 10G bps Ethernet, SONET/SDH, and Fibre Channel.
  2. SFP optical module, small pluggable transceiver module (SFP), is currently widely used.
  3. GigacBiDi series single-fiber bidirectional optical modules use WDM technology to transmit bidirectional information numbers over a single fiber (point-to-point transmission. Especially when fiber resources are insufficient, one fiber is required to transmit bidirectional signals). GigacBiDi includes SFP single-fiber bidirectional (BiDi), GBIC single-fiber bidirectional (BiDi), SFP+ single-fiber bidirectional (BiDi), XFP single-fiber bidirectional (BiDi), SFF single-fiber bidirectional (BiDi) and so on.
  4. Electrical port module, RJ45 electrical port small pluggable module, also known as electrical module or electrical port module.
  5. SFF optical modules are divided into 2×5, 2×10, etc. according to their pins.
  6. GBIC optical module, Gigabit Ethernet interface converter (GBIC) module.
  7. PON optical module, passive optical network PON (A-PON, G-PON, GE-PON) optical module.
  8. 40Gbs high-speed optical module.
  9. SDH transport module (OC3, OC12).
  10. Storage modules, such as 4G, 8G, etc.

So, seeing here, what is an SFP optical module? Know the answer to this question. So, what does the SFP optical module do?

SFP optical module is a hot-swappable small package module in SFP package. At present, the gao rate can reach 10.3G, and the interface is LC. SFP optical modules are mainly composed of lasers. In addition, the SFP optical module is composed of: laser: including fa emitter TOSA and receiver ROSA; circuit board IC; external accessories are: shell, base, PCBA, pull ring, buckle, unlocking piece, rubber plug. Moreover, SFP optical modules can be classified according to speed, wavelength and mode.

Rate classification

According to the speed, there are 155M/622M/1.25G/2.125G/4.25G/8G/10G, 155M and 1.25G are used more in the market, 10G technology is gradually maturing, and the demand is rising develop.

wavelength classification

According to the wavelength, there are 850nm/1310nm/1550nm/1490nm/1530nm/1610nm, the wavelength of 850nm is SFP multi-mode, the transmission distance is below 2KM, the wavelength is 1310/1550nm is single-mode, the transmission distance is more than 2KM, relatively speaking, this Three wavelengths are less expensive than the other three.

If the bare module is not marked, it is easy to be confused. Generally, manufacturers will distinguish the color of the pull ring. For example: the black pull ring is multi-mode and the wavelength is 850nm; the blue is the module with a wavelength of 1310nm; module; purple is the module with a wavelength of 1490nm, etc.

pattern classification

SFP optical module multimode

Almost all multimode fibers are 50/125um or 62.5/125um in size, and the bandwidth (the amount of information transmitted over the fiber) is typically 200MHz to 2GHz. Multimode optical transceivers can transmit up to 5 kilometers through multimode optical fibers. Use light-emitting diodes or lasers as light sources. The pull tab or body color is black.

SFP optical module single mode

The size of single-mode fiber is 9-10/125 μm, and compared with multi-mode fiber, it has the characteristics of unlimited bandwidth and lower loss. The single-mode optical transceiver is mostly used for long-distance transmission, sometimes reaching 150 to 200 kilometers. LDs or LEDs with narrow spectral lines are used as light sources.

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