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Fiber Optic Equipment Rebounds

Time : 2011/3/3 17:56:39 | Source :
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Optical networking is back!
That’s the conclusion of research by iSuppli, which today said that revenue from shipments of optical networking equipment is epacted to rise 7.7% this year, to $13.5 billion, after declining the last two years from brief spikes in 2006 and 2007. The chart below shows the progress in billions of dollars since 2000, and the annual projections out to 2014.
By 2014, optical telecom gear will hit $22.1 billion, the highest since 2000’s peak of $24.95 billion.
Factors propelling this rise include a “new Internet boom,” driven by video, peer-to-peer traffic, an Internet boom in China, and fiber-to-the-home builds, remarks Lee Ratliff, iSuppli’s senior analyst for broadband and digital home markets.
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