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Product Name:Single mode outdoor optical cable(GYTA53)

Features and benefits

  • Available in GYTA53 type
  • The remaining length of optical fiber is controlled precisely to ensure prefect tensile strength and temperature characteristics of optical cable .
  • The loose tube material itself has perfect hydrolysis resistance and high stregth . The special filling paste inside the loose tube is used to protect the optical fiber .
  • Perfect flexibility and pressing resistant
  • PE sheath features perfect UV resistant performance and environmental stress cracking resistance
  • Waterproof performance of optical cable is ensured by following measures
  1. Singlepiece of steel wire center raunforcement
  2. Special waterproof compound dilled inside the loose tube 100% filled cable core
  3. Perfect moisture-proof capability of the moisture-proof plastic coated aluminum tape and both side plastic steel tape
  4. Perfect waterproof material could prevent optical cable from longitudinal water penetration
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